Liberty Water Project – Consulting Services

Itemba Technical Services was contracted, during 2017, to supply consulting services to Liberty, at their HO in Braamfontein, for their water project

 The scope of work was as follow:-

  • Investigate the current water usage for the building with the view to reduce usage before embarking on the project
  • Implement water saving initiatives with M&V protocol
  • Calculate water usage profile to determine size of potable and rainwater storage tanks to be erected.
  • Calculate possible grey water harvesting to determine size of recycled grey water tank on roof
  • Investigate the position for potable, rain and grey water storage tanks with project team
  • Finalise the sizes of the respective water storage tanks – potable water 600 000L, rainwater 300 000L and grey water 25 000L
  • Obtain benchmark prices for the different options to finalise capital budget for approval
  • Draft RFP document with project team
  • Project manage complete project over 5 months duration

 Project was completed on time and within the allocated budget framework.