ITEMBA TECHNICAL SERVICES and ESKOM Senior Energy Advisor Joos Weideman have developed a power-saving partnership that is solving companies’ energy needs around the country – and saving clients’ thousands of Rands in the process.

With Itemba Technical Services’s specialized implementation of the latest energy-efficient technologies, clients can save tens of thousands of Rands on their energy bill, make their company more green, and register a rebate project with ESKOM, guaranteeing a once-off rebate payment, and future savings.

One client recently began saving over R58 000 per month when Itemba Technical Services recommended and implemented changes to their lighting systems alone: a return on investment of 70 percent and an ESKOM rebate of over R261 700.

ITS cuts clients’ electricity bills by up to 80 percent by replacing energy-hungry halogen down lights with power-smart LED lights, and a further 30 percent by replacing traditional geysers with power-thrifty heat pumps. And finally, by replacing power supplied by coal fired power stations with Photo Voltaic solar energy technologies, Itemba Technical Services helps clients’ businesses reduce their carbon footprint, and ensure business continuity through the use of this environmentally friendly and cost-efficient power source.