Itemba has been in operation since 2006, operating on a national basis supplying superior technical services to our growing list of prestigious Clients.

Our commitment to Clients, both potential and existing:

  • High standards of governance and ethics,
  • Accountable and responsible management,
  • Improve the quality of services,
  • Ensure flexibility and convenience,
  • Ensure access to Specialist skills,
  • Provide access to systems, processes and procedures,
  • Catalyst for change.

Benefits of outsourcing non-core technical services to Itemba Technical Services

  • Cut out avoidable and wasteful costs, reducing duplication of services and importantly costs
  • Implement and monitor service level agreements within contractors, ensuring optimised contract performance
  • Simplified communication via a single point of contact for all technical services, not several suppliers, ensuring:-
    • Time saving
    • Reduced administration
  • Provides access to a broad range of technical service specialists without having to employ them directly
  • Allow clients to enjoy the benefits of Economies of Scale


Itemba Technical Services proudly offers the following services on a national basis through our network of highly competent staff and carefully selected preferred service providers.

  • Sustainability
    • Energy Audits
    • PV Installations
    • Consulting and Project Management
    • Rain Water Harvesting & Grey Water Installations
  • Electrical Reticulation and Lighting
  • Scheduled & Reactive Maintenance
  • MV Testing & Maintenance
  • New Electrical Installations
  • Statutory Testing & Certificate of Compliance (COC)
  • Infrared Imaging
    • Standby Generators & UPS – Installation & Maintenance
  • Building Fabric Maintenance and Repair
    • Airconditioning – Installation & Maintenance
    • Roof and Atrium Sealing
    • Glass and Aluminium Building Façades
    • Dry Walls & Painting
    • Iron Mongery
    • Tiling and Carpets
    • White Boxing & TI
    • Wet Services
  • Condition Audits
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • HSE Compliance Audits & Implementation

Itemba Technical Services believes in keeping the company on the cutting edge of technology by applying best practice techniques, maintaining high ethical standards and legal compliance throughout our Sales, Service and Support functions. Itemba Technical Services is able to deliver superior Client service because we only employ highly experienced and professional technical staff earning us an exceptional reputation for quality and dependability.

Itemba Technical Services is committed to keeping up with the rapid pace of change. Our experience in the technical environment has made us aware of the ever changing landscape and the need to always stay on top of change to ensure our Clients enjoy the benefits of industry best practises and applications at all times.

The interest of our Clients is always at the forefront of our considerations. Itemba Technical Services’ aim is to build long and trusted relationships with our Clients. The most important matter for us is the delivery of proactive, cost effective, smooth and efficient Client service together with strong experience and innovative thinking.

Service Level Agreements

The standards of products and service provision formalised within Service Level Agreement Contract Documents have a material effect on the price of supply. Accordingly, for the purposes of cost efficiencies and the fulfilment of service expectations, it is imperative that they are appropriate and customised according to unique requirements. Itemba Technical Services has vast experience in the determination of such agreements and can provide Clients with valuable benchmarking information and recommendations in order to achieve the required service standards in the most cost-effective manner.

We intently listen to our Client’s requirements, goals and ideas, considering.

  • Strategic Objectives
  • Cost
  • Quality Standards
  • Business risk

We analyse the input and offer ideas and suggestions of our own.

Black Economic Empowerment

Company Details

Registered Name of Company: Itemba Technical Services (Pty) Ltd
Trading Name: Itemba Technical Services (Pty) Ltd
Company Registration Number: 2004/018715/07
VAT Registration Number: 4490217702
Nature of Business: Technical Services

Corporate Social Investment

As a responsible corporate citizen, Itemba Technical Services has developed a Corporate Social Investment policy that focuses on the upliftment of Previously Disadvantaged Individuals. The policy adopted an approach that includes funding as well as employee time (human resources) as total contribution towards CSI initiatives. The focus is not only about building a reputation for the company, but also puts emphasis on complete involvement of recipients in order to interpret and understand their needs, thus ensuring long-term sustainability and self-sufficiency.

Itemba Technical Services CSI initiatives focus on:

  • Education – Providing ideal learning environment in rural areas
  • Economic Development – Support & Development of Small Medium Micro Enterprises
  • Social Development – Support of Community Development Programmes